Bidding at auction is an exciting and straightforward process which can be done in several ways, even if you are unable to attend the sale in person:-

  • In person – Buyers attending the sale must register at reception prior to bidding. If you are a first time bidder you will be asked for your name, address and telephone number in order to create your account. A bidding number will be allocated to each person registering before the auction begins and you will be given a sign with your bidding number on it to use during the sale.  To make a bid, simply raise your bidding number sign until the auctioneer acknowledges you. The bidding increments are decided by the auctioneer. The final bidder purchases the lot.
  • Absentee/Commission bids – Buyers unable to attend a sale can leave absentee bids – also known as commission bids – with the auctioneers. You can send emailed commission bids to the auctioneers at or faxed on 01900 828073.  Paper commission forms are also available in the saleroom and at the back of the printed catalogue.  Once completed, these should be returned to the office.  With commission bids, the auctioneers will endeavour to buy the lot as cheaply as possible on your behalf up to the maximum price that you specify, subject to any other bids or reserve prices.

Telephone Bidding

  • By telephone – Buyers who are unable to attend the sale, or wish greater anonymity, can book to bid by telephone during the sale by notifying the saleroom in advance. A member of the saleroom staff will then call you on the contact telephone number you specify a few minutes prior to the relevant lot coming under the hammer.  You can then bid over the telephone as the lot is being sold, fully aware of how that particular sale is progressing.

Bidding Tips

  • Decide on your maximum price in advance
  • Arrive in good time for when your lot is up for sale – we work on a rough estimate of approximately 100 lots an hour
  • Bid using clear signals
  • Bid quickly and confidently right up to your maximum price – otherwise the opposition will sense you are about to bow out!

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